3. Ways to Attain Enlightenment from “The Laws of the Sun”

3. Ways to Attain Enlightenment

As we’ve now seen, enlightenment is a process of developing your spirituality and manifesting your divine nature through the system of reincarnation. When you search for the best way to improve your soul, you find that numerous paths open before you, each with its own method of spiritual training. Different religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Shintoism, and Taoism, have their own specific forms of spiritual discipline. Indeed, this is why people in search of the path to Buddha often become lost in the maze of faith. They get caught up in determining which religion is correct, instead of which practice is right for their spiritual training.

All major world religions are in some way or other manifestations of Buddha’s light. These religions have inspired people for thousands of years and have gained the respect of countless people. The founders of such religions have been revered for so long because their lives emit the brilliant light of Buddha’s energy. Although all religions originate from the same light source, each takes on a unique color because of differences in the time, ethnicity, culture, and even climate of the region in which the teachings were given. In any case, the teachings of the past are past; what we urgently need now are new teachings for the coming age. We must find new ways of training our souls on Earth in the current era.

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