3. Ways to Attain Enlightenment from “The Laws of the Sun” 2

3. Ways to Attain Enlightenment from “The Laws of the Sun” 2

Ways of attaining enlightenment are, in short, ways of attuning your mind to the mind of Buddha. To seek enlightenment is to explore how you can live with the His will as your own. It is to search for the way to live in accord with the Truths. One way to do this is to practice the Eightfold Path, and another is to practice the developmental stages of love. If you wish to seek the Buddhist path to enlightenment, I recommend that you practice the Eightfold Path daily and use it as a guide for your life. You will discover universal Truths in the Eightfold Path, and you will find an eternal path to human perfection. The Eightfold Path is a practical method for attaining the state of enlightenment, which you will need more than a lifetime to reach. You will be able to master the essence of the Truths only when you can see, think, speak, act, and live in the right way; make the right effort; have the right will; and practice right meditation. But it will not be easy, and for some it may not even be possible to master the Eightfold Path.

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