Buddha nature dwells in the human mind from “The Laws of Future”

Buddha nature dwells in the human mind

Happy Science teaches that all people have a Buddha nature. We also teach that human beings are children of Buddha. What is the meaning of these teachings?

Zen Buddhism includes the teaching that you can become Buddha if you practice zazen, or seated meditation, but this way of thinking is quite close to a scam. It is rather naïve to think that you can become Buddha just as you are, simply by sitting. It is going a little too far to teach that simply by copying Buddha’s seated pose, you too can become Buddha. In a sense, such teachings are based on materialism.

While spiritual training requires content, Happy Science teaches that human beings are given the same nature as Buddha. That is to say, if they acquire the habit of thinking and acting in the same way as Buddha, and make an effort, the possibility of becoming like Buddha is open to everyone. This is what is meant by the teachings, “human beings have Buddha nature” and “the mind emits light when polished.”

Humankind essentially possesses the same sacred nature as Buddha. The only difference is the amount of light emitted, which varies according to the degree to which the soul is polished. Sometimes the polish may be patchy and there may be some surface grime. When properly polished, however, it is possible to emit the same kind of light as Buddha.

Of course, the light that is emitted may vary according to the tendencies of a person’s soul. Just as the colors of gemstones vary, souls can give off a yellow, white, red or green glow. The form of that light may also vary according to a person’s attributes.

For example, an educator may shine differently from an artist, and a politician may shine in yet another way. Someone who has been successful in business may shine differently, as well. While the color may differ according to the person, the principle of Buddha nature says that everyone possesses the quality that will become a glowing orb if polished.

When viewed from that perspective, we have to say that people who are easily disheartened perceive themselves as very weak beings, and try to elicit sympathy from others. We need to teach such people that the true nature of human beings is much stronger and of far more potential than they think.

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